Mission Statment

To encourage responsible ownership and breeding of the purebred Scottish Terrier.  To promote the integrity of the Scottish Terrier through companionship, conformation, performance, character, and health as recognized by the AKC for purebred terriers.  We are resolute in advocating good sportsmanship.


Wrapping up the year ends


Dear members several things before the year ends!

At the last meeting in October a decision was made to set a judges selection committee. We are asking for your input if you have any suggestions for a sweeps judge and a regular class judge.

If you have any suggestions for a sweeps judge and regular class judge for 2015 please send them to any of the following members on the judges selection committee. Deadline for names to be submitted will be December


Committee persons are:

  • Jeff Partington
  • Sherrie Creekmore
  • Chris Fuqua
  • Charlie Gann.

Other club news-

We will be celebrating with the RMATC and the RM Earthdog club our Christmas/holiday party which will be January 11th, time TBD. At this party we have awards for those who have gone above and beyond for the club.

Chris Fuqua generously has volunteered to make the awards this year-If you wish to send in a members name for most valuable member, hardest working, good sportsmanship etc. please send that information to Chris Fuqua with reasons why you wish to recognize that member.

Also if you have any new champions or any title holders of any kind- champion, rally, agility, therapy, Earthdog, barn hunt etc. please send the names of your Scottie to Chris Fuqua.

If you have lost a dear one and wish to have a memorial done please send your beloveds names to Chris also.

Special thanks to her for doing the awards! She is asking that names get to her by December 11th. Thank you!

The Christmas/holiday party will be held at Cinzzettis Italian restaurant on 104 and I 25 January 11th. http://www.cinzzettis.com/colorado/

Time TBD- The club will be picking up half the bill for members.

There will be a fun and exciting gift exchange, and this time opening it up to all those who attend from all the clubs and bring a gift to exchange. Numbers will be drawn and a spirited fun pick and choose will be done. Gifts are asked to be "dog oriented" not Scottie only and a value of $20.00. Lots of ideas have been done, from dog beds, shampoos, dog toys, leads, super great treats and bully sticks, toy boxes, rat stuffed toys, grooming bags etc. Let the festivities begin!

See you soon and have a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year! 


What a Fantastic Specialty!

What a fantastic specialty we had!

  • 39 Scottie entries giving us 5 point majors in both sexes!
  • Colleagues from all over the US came for our event.

The Mardi Gras theme was extremely popular and everyone had a terrific time. The highlight was presenting Kim Magnuson with the “Outstanding Member Award”. She has made a multitude of contributions to the club, from making the trophies, table runners, Scottie stitched chairs, towels, bar stools, dinner Scottie napkins, and so many other wonderful contributions. Her pleasant and always cheerful nature and comradely made her an easy choice to be the recipient on this highest honor for us to bestow.

Other important mentions are:

  • Melanie Eubank who is an amazing organizer and tireless worker
  • Michael Siener from Louisiana who came all that way gave the club throw beads, Mardi masks and much of the Mardi Gras decorations. What dedication to support the club coming all that way!
  • Sonya handling the raffle items and so much help, she keeps me on track with everything.
  • Mark Magnusson our trusty photographer who gave us fantastic fun shots to watch the day’s events at the dinner!
  • Chris Fuqua making quits and handling dinner reservations, she is always at the ready. Nell Lemmon is always filling in where needed most.
  • Betsy Wahlberg who does such a great job as head ring steward.
  • Kris Nelson show chair putting the right person to do the right job.

Thank you all for your very fine support and hard work!

The party was so festive and the judges were wowed! Mrs. Pat Trotter regular class judge was still talking about the evening the next day when I saw her and Mr. Tom Langham sweeps judge was a ton of fun sporting his Mardi Gras mask at the dinner.

The winners of the raffle for the “Valeria Moldovan Mardi Gras Scottie” was Jeanice Barton of the great state of Texas!

Melanie Eubank was the winner of the beautiful “Over the Rainbow” custom pendant!

In the words of Trent Simmons - Krissy Simmons young son “That was an awesome party!”

Thanks Trent and all who made this year’s specialty such a wonderful fun event!

Next meeting will be in October for the Howl-o-ween party! Nominations from the floor to serve on that board will be accepted then. Stay tuned for details on the next general meeting.

Best regards and thank you everyone for your very fine support!

Charlie Gann




The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Denver is the STCA sanctioned and recognized regional club for the Rocky Mountain Area.  Based in Denver, the STCGDenver has members from up and down the Rocky Mt Front Range, and associate members all over the U.S.

The STCGDenver puts on an annual regional specialty each August.  The club members also host events for Scottie owners and participates in Conformation and Performance/Companion Events.


2014 Raffle Items!

Congrats to our Raffle Winners.

  • Beautiful Commissioned Artwork
  • Won by Jeanice Barton

Raffle thumb

  • Custom pendent from Over the Rainbow Memorials
  • Won by Melanie Eubank


Drawing to be held at the 2014 Specialty. You need not be present to win!

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