For our 2014 Specialty
we have some Special
Items for sale as well as
some exciting auction items.
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Mission Statment

To encourage responsible ownership and breeding of the purebred Scottish Terrier.  To promote the integrity of the Scottish Terrier through companionship, conformation, performance, character, and health as recognized by the AKC for purebred terriers.  We are resolute in advocating good sportsmanship.


Presidents message - June 2014

Lots happening in the Denver club!

Gearing up for the Specialty August 17th!

The premium list is on the STCA website and also our website. We have two amazing raffles you don’t want to miss out on! The framed artwork of Valeria Moldovan from Bucharest, special made just for our show!

Also you can win a personally designed pendant from “Over the Rainbow” creations, pick the colors that best suit you and your Scottie. Valued at $250.00 dollars! Secretary Sonya Neve is handling the tickets for the raffle.

Entries close July 30th and please attend the dinner to, we have so many wonderful items for the boutique also! Bar stools, quilt, Scottie cookie baker-many great items, camp chairs. The theme this year is Mardi Gras-original hand painted beads and masks have arrived from our member Michael Siener who is from Louisiana, we have the best items and all quality, he has excellent taste. Thanks Michael!

Kim has her beautiful table runners and everyone is working very hard to knock this specialty out of the park!

All information is in our premium list and reservations for RV’s and grooming are done through Greeley Kennel Club through Onofrio superintendants.

For the club past activity-We had a great June picnic and Earthdog demo with Kathy Stabler. She took each dog and introduced them to “Lady Violet” a black girlie rat with white gloves-very pretty! And her assistant rat companion. The Scotties had a ball when they discovered what a rat was! They erupted into paroxysms of barking and determination to get the rats. The girlie rats seemed to be board after a while with the barking Scotties and went to eating and cleaning themselves.

It was great to have Kim and Mark come all the way from Utah to attend with their boys Stewart and Nigel. Such dedication they have, last time they came in a snowstorm to attend our barn hunt!

The Scotties were also able to roam the totally fenced in large facility in the Black Forest in Castle Rock. We had a nice pot luck picnic too!

Thanks Kathy for doing our Earthdog program and discussion on rescue.

Hope to see you all soon at the picnic and don’t forget to get your raffle tickets for these two great items!

All the best summer days to you!



The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Denver is the STCA sanctioned and recognized regional club for the Rocky Mountain Area.  Based in Denver, the STCGDenver has members from up and down the Rocky Mt Front Range, and associate members all over the U.S.

The STCGDenver puts on an annual regional specialty each August.  The club members also host events for Scottie owners and participates in Conformation and Performance/Companion Events.


2014 Raffle Items!

We have 2 exciting Raffle items this year:

Buy your Raffle Tickets Now (Be sure to buy tickets for both items!)

  • Beautiful Commissioned Artwork

Raffle thumb

  • Custom pendent from Over the Rainbow Memorials


Drawing to be held at the 2014 Specialty. You need not be present to win!

For specialty small

2014 Specialty Theme

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2014 Specialty

Come Join us in Greeley, Colorado for the 2014 STCGD Specialty. Our theme is Mardi Gras and we have a wonderful event planned.

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Friday August 15, 2014

Companion Shows
GKC Saturday
GKC Sunday

Understanding the Notion of Motion

-Presented by Patricia Trotter

Notion of motion

Raising Dogs That are Made to Move

  • A stimulating two-hour program that will teach you, in simple terms, what you need to know about correct structure that allows eash athletic movement
  • Free to STCGD and CTCD members - $10 at the door for others.
  • Friday August 15, 3:30-5:30
  • Read more
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