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We work in tandem with the Rocky Mt Scottish Terrier Club as a sister club who specializes in rescue.  Our liaison to the RMSTC is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Adopted - Scotties in their Fur-Ever Homes

The following Scotties have moved in with their forever homes.  Thanks.

Flower has been adopted - she is off to her new forever home! (and left an amazing hole in her foster families home!)

Flower - We received this girl with the name "Dot's Bud" or "Bud" for short - This is really a strange name for a girl and does not seem to fit her.  We've taken to calling her "Flower Bud" or just "Flower" - and it really does fit her personality. She is a very sweet girl - doing quite nicely at her Foster home and starting to blossom..   Flower is 7 years old and she will follow you around, likes chewies and has been good in the house. She truly thinks she is a house dog.  Very nice girl, wants to be a bit pushy, so just don't let her - she is really a marshmallow.

Over the last few days Flower has really blossomed.  She is getting on well with the rest of the Scotties in the household.  She will hold her own if challenged but has show no signs of aggression. Flower went to an Earthdog trial Saturday and we think she has the makings of an Earthdog.  Flower will make a nice bouquet in a Scottie home.

Muffin has been adopted.

Muffin - 7 year old female.  

Latest word from Muffin's foster - she says Muffin doesn't bark!!  When first rescued, she barked alot, but maybe it was because she was with her "pack".  She's had one accident in the house and that was because mom didn't get her out in time.  She says Muffin LOVES being in the house to the point of not wanting to go outside.  She is crate-trained, and running with several of her doxies.  Eating well and thriving.  Good news all around.  Should have photos soon.


Honey has been adopted - her new family is picking her up shortly.

Honey - aka Molly is a 3 year old female who is very active and sweet.  Her foster family is calling her Honey because she is so sweet.  Here is some info from her fosters

Want to take high powered walks in the morning and have a loving lap dog to watch tv with?  Honey is the one.  She's all Scottie but adores people.  I've trained performance dogs for 15 years including two Scotties that earned agility, obedience, rally and earthdog titles.  With training, you could have more than a pet, a performance dog too.  She is mostly house trained, no poop, will pee on papers in the laundry room and go outside.  She figured out my doggie gates in the house in under 24 hours, the doggy door in 3 days.  She is smart!  She is sharing a foster home with a Standard Schnauzer, 2 Border Terriers, a Scottie and a Dachshund.  She loves walks and hikes.  She walks on leash nicely, is crate trained and is learning to come when called.  Loves to follow me around the house and sit on the couch with her head in my lap.  Love Scottie kisses (I know they are rare) she has them!  We introduced her to the rats in earthdog and she attacked the cage in true terrier style.  Has a good future with some training for earthdog and barnhunt.  On a scale of 1-100 with a 100 the perfect Scottie, I give her an 85 and only because she doesn't understand training yet.  

Honey1 thumb

honey2 thumb

O'Shea has been adopted.

O'Shea - an 8 year old female.  O'Shea is a real sweety, shy but likes to sit on your lap all day.  Quite a playful scottie too.

O'Shea has been place in her new home.

Dot has been adopted.

Dot  is a 9 year old female.  Happy and follows you around.  Dot is a love bug and an house dog.

Dottie thumb

Mr Scott has been adopted!

This is Mr. Scott - a 9 year old male.  Seems to be a very sweet boy - but also seems pretty sure there is 'doom and gloom' in his future.  In the yard he runs around marking, checking and visiting with people. In this picture he just finished a bath and grooming and is not really sure what that means.  We'd love to find Mr. Scott a nice home where he is loved and comfortable.

Mr Scott thumb


Kaelie as been adopted..

Kaelie is a 2 year old girl.  She is very sweet to people, but a real "alpha" girl and has shown a tendency to go after other dogs. Kaelie needs to go to a single dog home or to somebody who can manage this.  Again - she is very sweet with people.

Kaelie has been neutered, is current on vaccinations and has been vet checked.


kailie thumb
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