Mission Statement

To encourage responsible ownership and breeding of the purebred Scottish Terrier.  To promote the integrity of the Scottish Terrier through companionship, conformation, performance, character, and health as recognized by the AKC for purebred terriers.  We are resolute in advocating good sportsmanship.

Meeting was called to order at 11:33 by President Charlene Gann at the Islamorada Restaurant within the Bass Pro Shop.

Roll Call: Leisa Todd, Joanne Hill, Mark and Kim Magnuson, Nellene Lemmon, Sherrie Creekmore, Betsy Wahlberg, Jean Harley, Pam Harley, Laura Childs, Charlene Gann, Sonya Neve.  Guests Joe and Peggy Bent, and Carole McMurry.  Carole is a new applicant and also the guest speaker for our program.

Reading of the Minutes of the last General Meeting-None.  That date was the club Christmas Party.

President’s Report-Charlene announced we have received conformation by AKC of the club meeting AKC Compliance Guidelines.  She presented all Board members and Officers with budget worksheets, thereby hoping to obtain a working budget for the club to comply within.  Charlene presented a proposal written by Performance Chair Kathy Stabler suggesting allowing a demonstration and participation of members into the art of performance at various agreed upon times throughout the year.  This would allow members to try out different types of performance events without actually having to enter a true AKC event like rally, earthdog, and agility.  Location details would need to be worked out.

Vice President/Show Chair Report- Sherrie Creekmore submitted a list of possible events to participate or demonstrate in conjunction with our specialty.  There was discussion of a rally demonstration to be held during the time frame between Sweepstakes Judging and Regular Class judging at our specialty.  Sherrie also presented a list of potential show photographers who will be available to our club during the Specialty weekend for us to choose from.  Sherrie has ordered the AKC Dog Show Guidelines book.

Secretary’s Report-Sonya Neve has received two completed new membership applications; please refer to “New Business.”  The new membership roster will be completed at the end of February, and if any member has changes (address, phone numbers, email addresses) that need to be made please email them to her by February 28th.

Treasurer’s Report-Betsy Wahlberg announced that after paying the CFDC dues, the new club treasury balance is $2,522.60.

Editor/Historian-No report.  Everyone has received and read the outstanding newsletter put forth by member Melanie Eubank.  All agree JOB WELL DONE!!  It was discussed and decided to omit the minutes from the newsletter.  Members will continue to receive minutes via e-mail or hard copy per request. There was the suggestion of highlighting a “Dog of the Month” within the newsletter. 

No committee reports at this time.

New Business-Reading of new membership applications.  Michael Siener of Louisiana will be a new associate member voted and approved unanimously on 2-10-2013.  Carole McMurry, from Arvada, also submitted an application for full membership and will be voted upon at the 4-14-2013 meeting.  Carole is a dog trainer and past member from about 15 years ago.

Sonya Neve made the motion to allow Judy Shaffer, Sunshine Chair, to purchase membership into the online card company called Jacquie Lawson Cards.  Cost is $12.00 annually, and eliminates the continual purchasing of various all occasion cards, plus postage.  There will be allowances for the special circumstances where a handwritten card is necessary and will be left up to Judy’s judgment.  2nd by Pam Harley, motion passed unanimously.  Judy will send a handwritten sympathy card to President and Laura Bush over the loss of beloved pet, Barney.

Motion to adjourn made by Sherrie Creekmore, 2nd by Laura Childs.  Meeting adjourned.

Program by Carole McMurry on numerous dog training issues followed.  Individual questions can be sent to Carole at www.peebodydogtraining.com

Respectfully submitted,

Sonya Neve, Secretary

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