Mission Statement

To encourage responsible ownership and breeding of the purebred Scottish Terrier.  To promote the integrity of the Scottish Terrier through companionship, conformation, performance, character, and health as recognized by the AKC for purebred terriers.  We are resolute in advocating good sportsmanship.

Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Denver General Meeting Minutes

Sunday, October 20, 2013

BassPro Shop, Denver Colorado

The meeting was called to order by President Charlene Gann at 12:07 p.m.

Roll Call: Present were: Charlene Gann, Sherrie Creekmore, Sonya Neve, Nellene Lemmon, Sylvia Sydow, Leisa Todd, Heather Miller, Carole McMurray, Becky Britt, Sue Britt, Kris and Tom Nelson, and Sally Gilman.

Sherrie Creekmore made the motion to accept the Minutes from the last General meeting as read, 2nd by Nellene Lemmon.  Motion carried.

President’s Report-Charlene shared the information concerning an AKC President’s challenge asking all AKC sanctioned clubs to participate in donating what they can to help support fighting legislation that is in direct conflict with your rights as a dog owner, and hobby breeder.  She submitted an extensive written report that will be printed in the upcoming Bagpiper lining out what we can do to assist in this fight, and what we can expect in the future if these are not challenged or repealed.  Our club has become the recipient of Rescue money bequest to our club by LaRita Allen.  The amount is $43,247.00, and this money is specifically earmarked for Scottish terrier rescue.  You officers and board members will be working toward developing a rescue committee.

The rescue meeting between Charlene and Sonya, transferring the 5 rescue dogs (Sonya has 1 at her home being fostered) went well; all dogs are currently in their foster homes and thriving.  Several are ready for adoption; we just need good homes to become available.  All the rescue information is up on our club website.  Charlie’s foster girl, Flower (aka Bud) is doing well and fitting in nicely.

Vice President’s report-Our choice for the 2014 Sweepstakes judge, Tom Langham, has agreed.   The Ribbon Ranch has not presented a bill for 2013 as of yet, even though Sherrie has made repeated documented requests.  Sonya Neve will try making a phone call also hoping to generate a response.  For the regular class judge, Keke Kahn has agreed to $3.50 per dog fee, and $400.00 per day for the rest of the weekend for the Greeley KC.  Sherrie will contact Pat Trotter concerning her fees, as she is already hired to judge the Cairn specialty the same weekend.  Sonya Neve made the motion to hire either Keke Kahn, or Pat Trotter pending information gathered by Sherrie, for the 2014 specialty show. 2nd Nellene Lemmon, motion carried.  Sherrie has contacted Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, attempting to hire them to be our show superintendent and is waiting to hear back from them.  Sherrie has also contacted and contracted Kenny’s Catering to again serve dinner for the specialty next year.  Menu to be determined at a later date by the show committee.

Secretary’s Report-A complete reading of the number, age and sex of the entire rescue dogs was accounted for, and the expense of the veterinarian care.

The nominating committee presented the following names for consideration:

President-Charlene Gann

Vice President-Kris Nelson

Secretary-Sonya Neve

Treasurer-Betsy Wahlberg

Editor/Historian-Melanie Eubank

Sherrie Creekmore-Board Member

Chris Fuqua-Board Member

Nellene Lemmon-Board Member

Jeff Partington-Board Member

Sylvia Sydow-Board Member

Acceptance letters were sent to each nominee, and all have been returned in favor.

Our State of Colorado Cub status has been renewed and the fee of $10.00 paid. 

A letter was received by AKC stating we have completed all events and requirements for 2013, granting approval for the year.

Treasurer’s Report- Current checking account balance is $3,141.22, Raffle account is $799.29, and Rescue Fund holds $43,247.52.  The veterinarian bill of $1,250.00 has not been deducted from that fund as of yet.  Sonya Neve made the motion to move half of the Rescue monies and move it to a higher yield 12 month cd account.  Sherrie Creekmore 2nd, motion carried.

Editor Report-A newsletter will be sent out at the end of October.  Anything newsworthy should be sent to Melanie so she may add it to the next issue.  Stories, pictures, and wins will gladly be accepted and placed in the newsletter as long as space allows.

Committee Reports-Legislation report was written and passed out. 

Sunshine-Judy Shaffer has sent out 3 E-Cards and a notice.

Our Christmas Party will be held on the 15th of December at BassPro from 12 noon until 2:00 p.m.  Any titles earned should be reported to Carole McMurry as she will be in charge of the acknowledgements this year.  Also, if anyone has lost a special pet this year, again please let Carole know so the club can commemorate the passing of a special dog.  Carole’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unfinished Business-Sonya Neve made the motion, 2nd by Sherrie Creekmore, to approve the Barn Hunt event for February to be chaired by Kathy Stabler.  Two possible sites would be JeffCo, or Douglas County Fairgrounds.  Motion carried.

Sonya Neve made the motion for the club to purchase 10 of the iron Scottie figures made by Kim and Mark Magnuson.  2nd by Carole McMurry, motion carried.  We will attempt to resell via the website for the retail purchase price of $45.00 each.  Our cost is $32.50.

New Business-Nominations from the floor were entertained and as none were submitted, the slate stands as read.

We will provide for sale via our Ways-N-Means on line, denim shirts with an embroidered logo as requested by the purchaser.  Melanie Eubank will provide the shirts; Kim Magnuson will do the embroidery, sold via our website-pre-order only.  They may be purchased either through PayPal or by check.

We will purchase an ad in the Atlanta Specialty catalog in support of their club, and the ad will be congratulating them on their success, and inviting people to attend our show next year...  Our show committee will attend to this.

Motion to adjourn made by Sonya Neve, 2nd by Sherrie Creekmore, meeting adjourned at 1:05. P.M.

A short demonstration and program was presented by Carole McMurry on Canine Good Citizenship training, assisted by Buster, a doxie.  She states it’s important that all dogs have some obedience training before working on the CGC training. There are training classes available, certain dogs depending on temperament do very well with CGC training, and CGC titles can be attained through trials at akc sanctioned functions and events.  There are 10 tests that dogs must pass to attain their CGC title.

Following the program there was a Halloween parade with 5 contestants, a bumble bee, a biker dude, a soccer player, Elvis, and a sweatered handsome doxie.  Pictures to follow!! 

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