Mission Statement

To encourage responsible ownership and breeding of the purebred Scottish Terrier.  To promote the integrity of the Scottish Terrier through companionship, conformation, performance, character, and health as recognized by the AKC for purebred terriers.  We are resolute in advocating good sportsmanship.

The Combined dog clubs holiday party was great! A generous enough amount on monies for the battered women shelter "Gateway" was raised for them in lieu of a gift exchange. Officials from the organization were there. The mission of this group is to help battered women keep their pet dog or cat while being sheltered.

After the All Terrier clubs brief meeting Jeff Partington conducted and commenced with the STCGDenver meeting (he was on a good roll!)

Meeting began at 1:00
Present were:
Fran Sanden
Betsy Wahlberg
Karen Partington
Jeff Partington
Charlie Gann

Minutes were approved as corrected, motion by Jeff Partington 2nd by Fran Sanden.

Voting in on the 2016 new officers and BOD Motion by Karen Partington to accept the 2016 slate of officers and BOD 2nd by Betsy Wahlberg- Passed unanimous.

Next item was discussed is-
Due to the conflict of the Gann's move to the western slope and Bobs new job, some travel etc. the present membership in attendance and agreement of the Gann's it was decided that it would be best to swap positions of Bob and Charlie moving Bob to a BOD and Charlie to secretary.
Jeff Partington so moved and 2nd Fran Sanden
Unanimously passed.

The new board consist of:
President- Chris Fuqua
V/P-Melanie Eubank
Secretary-Charlene Gann
Treasurer-Kim Magnuson

Jeff Partington (2year term)
Fran Sanden (2year term)
Bob Gann (1year term)

Meeting concluded 1:10 pm

Respectfully submitted,

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