Mission Statement

To encourage responsible ownership and breeding of the purebred Scottish Terrier.  To promote the integrity of the Scottish Terrier through companionship, conformation, performance, character, and health as recognized by the AKC for purebred terriers.  We are resolute in advocating good sportsmanship.

Code of Ethics

As a member of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Denver, I agree to conduct myself in a sportsmanlike manner at all times, especially when representing the Club or the breed in public. I will handle all conflicts, disagreements and/or misunderstandings with Club members in a professional manner, and will adhere to conflict resolution guidelines in the Club Constitution and By Laws. I will maintain the highest standards of sanitation and care for my dogs. I will consider the health and welfare of my own dogs and the dogs of our breed to be above personal gain or profit. I will be familiar with the AKC standard for our breed and will provide accurate information about the breed. I will provide assistance to novices whenever possible.

As a member of the Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Denver who breeds or keeps a dog at stud,

I will breed for the improvement of the breed as exemplified by the AKC standard and for fine health and temperament. I will refuse stud services to bitches in poor health, of unsound temperament, and/or having serious hereditary or structural defects. I will not use for stud a dog with any of the above conditions. I will sell pet quality puppies with a spay/neuter contract or will withhold registration papers until the puppy is spayed/neutered. I will not sell or donate dogs to commercial wholesalers or retailers, or to kennel operators or individuals whom I judge to be operating a “puppy mill.” I will not sell a puppy to an individual whom I have reason to believe will not adequately care for the dog. I will always be truthful when representing or advertising puppies/dogs for sale and will disclose any known health or hereditary defects.

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