Sweepstakes: Judge Dr. Marcia Dawson

Best In Sweepstakes

  • Princescot Pardon me Boys-Owner-Karen Prokopetz

Best of Opposite Sex

  • McVan's the Devil's in the Details -Owner-Dr. Vandra Huber and Michael Krolewski

6-9 Month Puppy Dog

  • 1st McVan's The Devil's in the Detail-Owners-Dr. Vandra Huber and Michael Krolewski
  • 2nd Gallica's Miniteman-Owners-Charlene and Robert Gann
  • 3rd Deviant's Following Seas-Owners-Margaret and Ingrid Kooda

9-12 Month Puppy Dog

  • 1st Coffel's The Bonnie Prince at Cu Dubh-Owners-Karen McLaughlin, Barbara and Linda Coffel

12-18 Month Junior Dog

  • 1st Lochraven N' Fireheart's American Legend-Owners-Anita VanRavensway and Marianne Melucci
  • 2nd Bravo Rocket's Red Glare-Owners-Rod Ott and Pilar Kuhn
  • 3rd Glensiel's Red Samurai-Owner-Nancy J. McKenzie
  • 4th VDK's Thorburn Of Glenshiel-Owner-Nancy J. McKenzie

6-9 Month Puppy Bitch

  • 1st Defiant's Final Frontier-Owners-Margaret and Ingrid Kooda
  • 2nd Chyscott's All Fired Up-Owners-Kristen Simmons, and Larae and Whitney Shafer
  • 3rd Afton River City Emerald-Owner-Pam Williams
  • 4th McVan's Stardust-Owners-Dr. Vandra Huber and Michael Krolewski

9-12 Month Puppy Bitch

  • 1st J-Mar's A Show Must Go On-Owners-Danica and J and P Burge
  • 2nd Whiskybae Haslemere Burning Bright-Carla LaCoe, Jeanice Barton, Rita Chandler
  • 3rd Kelwyn's Princess of the Emerald Isles-Owner-Kelli K. Edell
  • 4th Glenby's Queen of Hearts at Blackjack-Owner-Sara E. Jack

12-18 Month Junior Bitches

  • 1st Princescot Pardon me Boys-Owner-Karen Prokopetz
  • 2nd -Glenkinch Piece of My Heart-Owners-Lisa and Tom Kincheloe
  • 3rd Heartland's September Song-Owner-Joanne Young
  • 4th Bravo Revolution Rising-Owners-Rod Ott and Pilar Kuhn

Best Veteran Sweepstakes

  • GCHB CH Sodak Vanguards Tira Bella-Owners-Marilyn and Gerald Cathcart

Junior Showmanship: Judge-Mrs. Louise Leone

Best Junior Handler

  • Emma Jack-Glenby's Queen of Hearts at BlackJack-Owner-Sara E. Jack

Open Intermediate

  • 1st Emma Jack-Glenby's Queen of Hearts at Blackjack-Owner-Sara E. Jack
  • 2nd Serena Kane Yablonski-GCH CH Coffel's Explain That Again-Owners-Barbara, Grace,McKala, and L Coffel

Open Junior

  • 1st Trent Simmons-GCH CH Chyscott's She Sets The City On Fire-Owners-Larae and Whitney Shafer, and Kristen Simmons

Novice Intermediate

  • 1st Charley Brooks-Coffel's History of Mystery-Owner-Barbara Coffel

Novice Junior

  • 1st Eva Brooks-GCHB CH Coffel's Mysterious Weeping Willow BCAT CA-Owners-Barbara, Grace, McKala and L Coffel
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